Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

my dissertation Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

My Dissertation Help UK will never ask any details of your credit or debit card on chat or email to ensure the confidentiality. 

Your data such as name, university, school, college, contact number or emails will never be shared to any third party. 

The data will only be shared with the editors and our support team so that they can get in touch with you regarding your order. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our clients and never share their data with any third party. 

We assume it is very sensitive for the future and career of our clients. Their trust is the only asset of our company. Therefore, you can sign any NDA if you wish to. 

We would be happy to sign and accept the terms and conditions imposed by you.

Key features of our service include:


Scripting a fresh content

Meeting the requirements

Error free writing

Flawless stitching of content

Strong coherence


Grammar correction 

Typos fixing,

Spelling correction

Sentence structure correction
Punctuations fixing


Highlighting mistakes

Sentence making

Improving score

Proofreading mistakes


References correction
Following guidelines
Structure making
References & bibliography check

Ensuring application of APA, Harvard, Vancouver, Chicago, Oscola, Oxford and MLA.


Address all stylistic issues
Review and critiques
Editing with comments
Improving paper standards

Consultancy by PhD Editors from Leading US Universities like Oxford, Cambridge & LSE

my dissertation Privacy and Confidentiality Policy